5 Biggest Revelations In The Memoir

5 Biggest Revelations In The Memoir

Prince Harry admitted to using cocaine on several occasions as a teenager.

Prince Harry will do a series of interviews today, where he will discuss his leaked memoir ‘Spare’, which received massive criticism from the British media and commentators.

5 revelations expected in Prince Harry’s interview

  1. Prince Harry may talk about his experience as a pilot for the British Army in Afghanistan. The former Royal acknowledged having killed 25 people in the country. He served for two tours in 2007-2008 and 2012-2013. A Taliban official condemned him for his actions.

  2. His turbulent relationship with other Royals has been at the centre stage for a while, in his book, he recounts that he was physically “attacked” by his brother Prince William during an argument in 2019. Prince Harry writes that his brother called his wife, Meghan Markle, “rude”, and “difficult”, the Guardian reported.

  3. Harry admitted to using cocaine on several occasions as a teenager, saying he was “willing to try almost everything to alter the pre-established order.”

  4. Prince Harry writes in his book about his father, King Charles’ delight when Princess Diana gave birth to a so-called “Spare” in 1984. The Monarch reportedly told his wife after Harry’s birth that she has now given him both an “Heir” and a “Spare” and now his work is done.

  5. In his book, the prince talked about losing his virginity in a field behind a busy pub, to an “older woman”, he says it was a “humiliating episode”.

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