15 Annoying, Confusing, All-Around Ridiculous Examples of Celebrity Activism

In Dave Chappelle’s 2004 special For What It’s Worth, he joked about an MTV reporter asking Ja Rule his thoughts on 9/11. What seemed ridiculous at the time has slowly started becoming the norm. And yes, celebrities have promoted various causes for decades now, but in recent years Covid, BLM, and the #MeToo movement have had celebrities speaking out a lot lately. Some of it, sadly, is frighteningly unaware and out of touch.

They tried, bless their hearts (and we mean that in the Southern way). They really tried. We’re not trying to fault anyone for seeing a noble cause and taking action, but maybe these celebrities should’ve taken a minute to think, “Is this really the best way to help the cause?” Whether they sang, wore a dress, or even abstained from social media for a whole day, they helped give us these 15 annoying, confusing, and downright ridiculous examples of celebrity activism.

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15 Annoying, Confusing, All-Around Ridiculous Examples of Celebrity Activism

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Ellen “safely” made crass jokes from her mansion.

ELLEN DEGENERES COMPARED HER MANSION TO BEING IN JAIL. CRACKED While on hiatus, she aimed to show that she was filming safely in quarantine, but joked that her 10,000 square-foot mansion was like a prison. At the time, prisoners (unable to socially distance) were dying from Covid.

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