10 Weird Moments From Bret Hart’s WCW Career We Completely Forgot About

Bret Hart’s WCW run may unfortunately be the biggest scenario of a major wrestling company dropping the ball with a top free agent signing. The controversial end to Bret’s WCW tenure with the Montreal Screwjob gave him a lot of buzz. Even without that aspect, Hart was at worst a top three all-time WWE legend at the time he joined WCW.

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Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, Kevin Sullivan and Vince Russo were all criticized by Bret at various points throughout the years. WCW placed Hart in many strange storylines, matches and segment that became hard to keep track of. Weak angles will make fans forget about the content from the performers involved. Bret had the following forgotten WCW moments come off quite weird looking back today.


10 Mad TV Storyline Wrestling Will Sasso

Bret Hart appearing on Mad TV was a big deal looking back at how few media opportunities WCW had in the final years when things started to fall apart. However, they took it a little too far when the comedic personalities from the sketch comedy show had a mini storyline in WCW.

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Will Sasso was attacked by Bret in his Mad TV skit and loved wrestling to absolutely say yes when WCW asked to bring him in. The Hart vs Sasso match was already weird, but it got stranger when Sasso’s fellow Mad TV comedian Debra Wilson turned heel to help Bret win.

9 Helping Hulk Hogan Win WCW Championship From Randy Savage

WCW having Bret Hart become part of the New World Order civil war feud made some sense since most of the top name were involved. However, his official heel turn came in a manner that made zero sense and took away from his momentum.

Hulk Hogan challenged Randy Savage for the WCW Championship one night after Savage won it to have the nWo implode. Bret turned heel to help Hogan win the gold, even though Hart had recently cut promos declaring his intent to enter the title picture.

8 Kevin Nash Challenging Him For $250,000 On Jay Leno’s Show

The creative direction of WCW started to fall off in 1999 after the New World Order ended, and most top stars badly needed a fresh change. One idea WCW came up with to create attention featured Kevin Nash appearing on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno to challenge Bret Hart.

The stakes saw Nash claiming he was putting up $250,000 of his own money to the winner of their next match. No one was really clamoring for the match after the flawed odd segment, but tragedy ended the plans when Bret took time off after Owen Hart passed away in WWE.

7 Mini Hart Foundation Reunion

The Hart Foundation should have been an easy act for WCW to book when Bret Hart’s brothers in law Jim Neidhart and The British Bulldog joined with him. Both parties requested their release from WWE after the Montreal Screwjob and received it unlike Owen.

WCW had Bulldog and Neidhart teaming up or in each other’s corners during singles matches. Bret rarely associated with them on-screen despite being in the same WWE faction until his final day there. The few segments where they united together with the others saving Bret felt off due to a lack of story.

6 Brian Adams Betraying Him In WCW Debut

WCW loved pulling off swerves that didn’t always have the most logic behind them. Brian Adams joined the company after his WWE run as Crush and had a solid reaction. The first night saw Adams claiming he was there to help Bret Hart combat the New World Order as old friends.

This was of course just another pointless swerve where Adams turned on Hart during that same promo to reveal he was joining the nWo himself. Adams added some depth, but WCW made him feel like another guy just minutes into his debut.

5 Quitting Right After Infamous Steel Plate Moment

Bret Hart tricking Goldberg into spearing him and revealing a steel plate under his hockey jersey may have been the best moment of his WCW career. However, the aftermath often gets forgotten since that visual of the spear and the jersey coming off is all that gets replayed.

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WCW had Hart cut a worked shoot promo telling Eric Bischoff that he was quitting WCW after the spear to explain his absence for the next few months. This original story never paid off as regime changes saw Vince Russo booking his own version of Goldberg vs Bret down the line.

4 Ric Flair Insulting His Newspaper Columns

One cool footnote about Bret Hart’s wrestling career was a Canada newspaper having him write his own editorial columns once per week. Hart spoke from the heart about his feelings on wrestling, from complaints about the Attitude Era in WWE to a deeper look at his own matches. Ric Flair was the first WCW talent to feud with Bret and brought this up as part of their storyline build.

Quotes from Hart were used by Flair to channel some real-life heat at the time. Both men thought they were better than the other, and it inspired Flair to insult Bret’s newspaper writings praising his own skills. The tension existed between the two for years until making peace later in life.

3 Teaming With Stevie Ray & Hulk Hogan In War Games

Bret Hart competing in a War Games match should have been a cool accomplishment. WCW made that match stipulation their most popular and had almost every top name compete in it at least once. Hart was considered a master storyteller that should have enhanced this match.

WCW unfortunately picked one of the worst War Games matches with a slight change. Three teams of three instead of two teams of four or five featured Bret teaming with Hulk Hogan and Stevie Ray in nWo Hollywood for one of the strangest trios in wrestling history.

2 Endorsing Lance Storm’s Team Canada Cheating

WCW booked Bret Hart to make many character changes that fans struggled to associate him as a true face or heel. The early 2000 injuries suffered from facing Goldberg forced Bret off television and eventually ended his career with an early retirement.

One of the final appearances for Hart came out of the blue after a Canada Rules match between Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. The absurd cheating saw Storm ‘s Team Canada members changing the rules of this match every time he lost until scoring the tainted win. Bret arrived during Storm’s celebration and raised his hand to a huge pop endorsing the heels.

1 Double Swerve Betraying Sting

Bret Hart joining the New World Order under Hulk Hogan’s leadership already hurt his reputation after a brutal first year in WCW. The booking somehow found a way to make Bret look worse and create more confusion with another swerve.

WCW had Hart showing face tendencies and claiming he was now wanting to face Hogan with an assumed face turn. This played out later in that night when Sting replaced an “injured” Bret vs Hogan on Nitro. Hart came out at the end of the match to betray Sting and reveal it was all a lie pretending to split from Hogan.

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