10 Weird Moments From Big Show’s WCW Career We Completely Forgot About

The WCW career of Big Show often gets overlooked since it happened so long ago with a short run. Hulk Hogan discovered Big Show and wanted WCW to hire him due to the youth and athleticism involved. The Giant was the name given to him with the plans to introduce him as the long-lost son of Andre the Giant wanting revenge on Hogan.

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WCW fans witnessed The Giant looking like no other wrestler before him due to the size but also the athletic build at that time. Quite a few memories have been forgotten when looking back at how odd the WCW tenure may have been. Each of the following WCW moments will shine a light on Big Show’s WCW career with some weirder overlooked moments.


10 Dennis Rodman Hitting Him With Repeated Elbow Drops

The WCW desire to get mainstream media coverage may have peaked when Dennis Rodman joined the company in a part-time role. Rodman was among the most controversial NBA players and had a lot of buzz as part of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls dynasty team of the late ‘90s. WCW had Rodman join the New World Order as the friend and tag partner of Hulk Hogan.

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One of the first instances of Rodman getting physical in the ring saw him comedically hitting elbow drops on an unconscious Giant. This set up a tag match of Hogan and Rodman vs Giant and Lex Luger for Rodman’s first match.

9 Falling Off A Roof Hours Before Winning WCW Championship

The ridiculous scenario of Halloween Havoc 1995 saw Hulk Hogan and The Giant involved in multiple embarrassing segments. WCW had Hogan and Giant face off in a sumo monster truck battle on top of the venue before they faced off in the ring.

The Giant fell off the roof to Hogan’s horror after trying to save him, but the big man wrestled later that night like nothing happened. WCW even coming up with the sumo monster truck concept was bad enough to warrant talking about more today.

8 Feuding With Loch Ness Over Monster Heel Spot

Giant Haystacks was a respected big man worker that traveled the world and had a lot of respect from peers to work with him. WCW was his biggest opportunity when wrestling became a bigger TV entity, but it came later in his career when barely hanging on.

Loch Ness was the name given to him for a spot in the Dungeon of Doom feuding against The Giant. WCW wanted to have their new big star score some huge victories over other big men. Their matches felt so outdated and clunky with Giant winning and Loch Ness being removed from television quickly.

7 Beating Up To 4 Wrestlers On His Own In Handicap Matches

WCW found another way to try to get The Giant over in his earlier years when coming up with new ways to present a big man. The Giant often had handicap matches destroying multiple smaller opponents if WCW didn’t have an ideal single opponent for him.

Most of the matches featured two or three opponents during this earlier chapter of his career, but WCW went as far as to have four talents get squashed by him. The Saturday Night show needed some new attractions with Nitro’s rise and this was considered one of their attractions.

6 Kevin Nash Beating Him With Hot Coffee As Weapon

One of the better successes for The Giant in WCW featured his feud with Kevin Nash as the battle of the big men. WWE had not found that much success with the giant vs giant feud in years, so it felt even cooler when WCW did it.

Both Nash and The Giant were credible main event names to add to the importance of their matches. The biggest win for Nash came with the shady finish of Hulk Hogan handing him hot coffee to pour on Giant. This slippery spot caused Nash to drop Giant on his head in an infamous botch often showed without context.

5 Jimmy Hart Betraying Hulk Hogan For Him

The Giant winning the WCW Championship from Hulk Hogan is remembered for the chaos, but one huge part often gets forgotten. Jimmy Hart turned on Hogan after years of being tied together to cause a DQ finish in Giant’s favor.

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This grew more confusing when Giant won the WCW Championship via DQ. Hart added that the title could change hands in Hogan’s contract without alerting him. The following moment of The Yeti debuting is what everyone talks about, but Jimmy was the most important aspect of the finish.

4 Getting Kicked Out Of NWO Second Time

The funniest thing about Big Show’s WCW tenure was how many times he joined and got kicked out of the New World Order. It made sense the first time Hulk Hogan kicked The Giant out since the latter had a title shot that he wanted from the former.

However, the second tenure was more confusing with Giant joining nWo Hollywood during the nWo civil war angle. The two nWo groups merging at the end saw Nash beating Giant in a loser leaves stipulation thanks to other members getting involved.

3 Wrestling Hulk Hogan During Robin Hood Commercial Break

WCW having a great relationship with Turner Broadcasting all under the Ted Turner umbrella led to some interesting marketing. TNT’s new Robin Hood show of the time featured WCW having a match taking place in between commercial breaks after Nitro.

Hulk Hogan defending the WCW Championship against The Giant was announced on the show and continued during the ad breaks of Robin Hood. The hope was that WCW’s massive audience would enjoy the show and keep watching in following weeks via a unique method.

2 Winning Matches While Smoking Cigarettes

The end of The Giant’s WCW tenure was hilarious looking back at how little he cared. Giant started smoking cigarettes during his matches to show how effortless it was for him to squash some lower mid-card names.

Most of the matches at that time lasted under a couple of minutes with Giant smoking on the way to the ring and taking puffs in between hitting moves. WCW found a new way to add some entertainment value to the squash match in an odd manner.

1 Sting Beating Him In Singles Match To Win Tag Titles

The Giant and Sting won the WCW Tag Team Championship when both were representing WCW against the New World Order. However, that dynamic drastically changed when Giant turned heel yet again to join the nWo Hollywood version to back up Hulk Hogan.

Sting eventually paid off a longer angle by joining the nWo Wolfpac to unite with his best friend Lex Luger. WCW had the tag champs facing off in a singles match with Sting winning rights to the tag gold and picking Kevin Nash as his new partner. Two tag champs facing off with the winner getting the other’s title was a shocking angle for the time.

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