10 Weird Becky Lynch WWE Moments We Completely Forgot About

The journey for Becky Lynch in WWE is inspiring to anyone hoping to reach the top of their field against all odds. Lynch wasn’t chosen to get a huge push like Charlotte Flair, Trish Stratus or even Bianca Belair when looking at top female stars that were handpicked. Those names still had to work to reach that top spot, but Becky had to work even harder.

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WWE is a tough place to overachieve when Vince McMahon had a perception when he was running the show. Lynch continued to grind until finding the right role to move into a premiere spot. McMahon and everyone involved realized they had to build the division around her. The entire WWE stint of Becky has seen so many changes that the following weird moments get overlooked.


10/10 Attacking Shayna Baszler After Losing Survivor Series 2019 Main Event

The Survivor Series 2019 event had a fun atmosphere with NXT entering the usual Raw vs Smackdown brand warfare storyline. NXT was booked to look great since they were starting their new time slot competing against a debuting AEW.

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Shayna Baszler represented the NXT women defeating fellow champs Becky Lynch and Bayley. The post-match attack from Lynch towards Baszler was confusing since Becky was a face and lost the match fairly. WWE didn’t explain the reasoning behind it and acted like nothing happened afterwards.

9/10 Trying To Keep PCB Together

The first role for Becky Lynch on the WWE main roster as joining the PCB faction with Paige and Charlotte Flair. All three ladies were popular, but there was little chemistry to make it work. Paige was the first to betray the others after Charlotte won the Divas Championship.

The resentment towards Charlotte caused Paige to turn heel while Becky initially tried to keep them together. This looked even worse when Flair turned on Lynch just a couple of months later. Becky was the third most relevant member of the group, but she thankfully overcame that difficult spot.

8/10 Ric Flair Kissing Her For Distraction

The first program between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch on the main roster disappointed compared to their future matches. One major reason for this was Ric Flair managing Charlotte during this first solo heel chapter of her career.

A controversial spot that most fans thankfully don’t remember saw Ric forcing a kiss on Becky as a distraction during a title match against Charlotte. WWE went quite low with this idea that took away from the early stages of the women’s evolution.

7/10 Teaming With Seth Rollins Before Brock Lesnar Cashed In MITB

WWE using the real-life relationship between Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins did not work for either talent in 2019. The storyline of them uniting against enemies Baron Corbin and Lacey Evans felt off, but management wanted to see if they could make money off the couple working together.

A mixed tag victory to retain their respective titles was overshadowed when Brock Lesnar returned to cash in Money in the Bank right after. Lynch being at the ringside area while Rollins lost his belt was not needed for anyone involved.

The rise of Becky Lynch started in 2019 when she attacked Charlotte Flair after Charlotte weaseled her way into Becky’s title shot and won the gold. Fans clearly rooted for Lynch with massive cheers that night and every following show.

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WWE tried to continue with the plan of Becky being a heel since she was the one to attack Flair. Lynch cutting a promo blaming the audience for her actions was bizarre given it went against everything that fans felt. WWE had to eventually change course when these ideas didn’t work to stop the fan support.

5/10 Insulting John Cena After Teaming Together

Becky Lynch tried to balance the tightrope act of being a face character with the audience while doing heel actions. John Cena returning to WWE for a rare Smackdown event saw him working directly with Lynch in a promo segment and tag match.

The promo exchange showed that Becky had no love for Cena, but they teamed up when Andrade and Zelina Vega interrupted them. Cena and Lynch won the match before having another awkward confrontation post-match. Becky did the “you can’t see me” taunt when Cena wanted to embrace in a show of mutual respect.

4/10 Making Fun Of Edge’s Severe Neck Injury

WWE found another unique way to present Becky Lynch’s character when interacting with another legend. Edge was hosting his talk show segment when trying to talk Lynch out of going down the same path as him losing all his friendships as a ruthless heel.

Becky pretended to show remorse before revealing she regrets nothing and even made a joke about Edge’s career-ending neck injury. The odd moment has been forgotten, but some fans have held out hope for a Lynch vs Beth Phoenix match based on this interaction.

3/10 Mickie James Pretending To Be A Luchador To Cost Her Matches

Becky Lynch was the first top female star on Smackdown in the 2016 brand split that required names to step up. WWE trusted Becky to be the first Smackdown Women’s Champion, but Vince McMahon’s attention quickly went to another newcomer. Alexa Bliss was pushed quickly despite not achieving as much success in NXT.

Lynch losing the title to Bliss in a tables match led to them continuing the feud with an odd twist. A masked woman in a luchador mask kept helping Alexa, but it was revealed to be the legendary Mickie James. WWE used this random storyline to unite James with Bliss moving forward and gave Lynch a new rival.

2/10 Sami Zayn Trying To Turn Her Heel In Mixed Match Challenge

The Mixed Match Challenge concept ended up being a failed idea for WWE that looked interesting at the start. A field of mixed tag teams between relevant male and female wrestlers ended up not working due to injuries and changes forcing the teams to never stay consistent.

However, one rare entertaining source of fun in that show was the newly heel Sami Zayn teaming with Becky Lynch. The friendship between the two was referenced, but Zayn kept trying to find comedic ways to get Lynch to the dark side. Fate would see Becky becoming a bigger star down the line when she did embrace that character shift on her own.

1/10 Picking Charlotte Flair As Her Replacement Vs Ronda Rousey

The blood feud between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch in 2018 may have been the best overall story for WWE that year. Becky winning the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Charlotte and defending it in an epic Last Woman Standing match at Evolution paid off the intense rivalry.

WWE took away from that just a few weeks later when Lynch suffered an injury to miss her big Survivor Series 2018 match vs Ronda Rousey. Becky picked Charlotte in a ring full of Smackdown women as her replacement and even stranger gave her a hug to make their previous issues seem like water under the bridge.

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