10 Unpopular Opinions About Strategy Games, According To Reddit

With the upcoming December 2nd release of Marvel’s Midnight Suns, fans are excited to see another turn-based tactical role-playing game that can revolutionize the strategy games marketplace. Of course, including fan-favorite Marvel characters is certainly helping to boost the hype for the game.

Yet not everyone is on board. After all, there have been some fans who found recent strategy games boring, disappointing, or worse. With so many fans interested in strategy games, there is a contingent of fans with several unpopular opinions of their own.


Too Much Focus On Certain Modes

Strategy games like Company of Heroes feature multiple game modes with different strategies and features. Yet some fans aren’t happy to see a primary focus on one mode, rather than another. “COH is primarily balanced/focused for 1v1 when I feel this is a massive dead niche,” says Reddit user Figwheels. “4v4, 5v5 focused sequel would be a far more popular and accessible game.”

With maps designed around single combat, it makes it slightly more difficult and unfair for multiple players. Yet with Company of Heroes having been voted one of the grandest strategy games of all time, it seems like most fans hardly minded and some even enjoyed the focus that pro players receive.

Pausing Is Great

When Total War introduced pausing in the middle of battles to review strategy, many players found it irritating and best and game-breaking at worst. After all, though it makes the game great for beginners, it also broke the advantage that the AI has against the player and takes away some of the skill investment.

Some still loved the change though and wish it could be implemented in other strategy games. “I think game pause is great and am not ashamed to use it just to enjoy the game more,” says Reddit user Hondlis. After all, in a strategy game, players need to be able to invest their time and energy into multiple units, making it difficult to investigate them all without pausing.

Never Limit Capabilities In A Game

Some games offer unconventional strategies that earn the ire of the fanbase, due to it being viewed as unfair or unjust. In Rise of Nations, that strategy is mass scorching, which involves destroying an area, so that the enemy cannot take advantage of its resources.

But some fans see any effective strategy as a good strategy and are offended by those claiming it to be unfair. “Countries that benefit from it can use it in a certain region to devastate enemy troops, yet they get called losers for using a feature in-game,” says Redditor MopeD3v. As long as a feature is present in the game, it really should be seen as fair to use.

Always Make A Move

A major feature in the XCOM series is the Hunker Down mode, which allows players to avoid attacking and instead take cover, protecting a character. While it is largely considered a fair strategy, in many strategy games, that attitude is viewed as cowardly or ineffective.

“You miss every shot you don’t take. I have saved the lives of so many units that hit a clutch 12% shot whereas every time I used hunker down the AI either blew up their cover or hit seemingly impossible shots anyway,” says Reddit user DasUbersoldat_. Yet playing defensively is still a valid strategy, and avoiding critical hits can save a unit, while others come in to reinforce them.

Competitive Play Is Stagnant

Games like Starcraft II have a heavy focus on pro players, who keep the game alive by competing on a massive stage. Top competitive players can help keep a game in discussion, which helps keep the best strategy games from losing players or from falling out of the public eye.

But there are some fans who hate how the meta often fails to grow and change in strategy games. “There’s far too much stagnation at the top of SC2 competitive play,” argues Reddit user beatsbydrecob. Unfortunately, even games like chess can eventually stagnate. After some time, every game will reach the point where competitive play slows and fails to change after some time.

No Need To Be Unethical

Games like Crusader Kings often lead to players taking advantage of unsavory tactics in order to gain power. Whether it be harming children or nuking countries, strategy games can often cause players to do whatever feels necessary to advance themselves in the game.

Yet some players believe in building power more passively. “You should be able to foster good traits through cultivation from nutrition or teaching,” says Reddit user Maskedbandit63. While it may be more difficult in the long run, these unpopular players view it as the better way and more rewarding through its challenge.

Sides Can Be Unbalanced

Games like Hearts of Iron are occasionally critiqued for the lack of a proper power balance between rival sides. “Unless your name is US you won’t be able to take advantage of it because of how many things you have to research, how long it takes to build big ships, and how much naval XP you need,” says Reddit user RonenSalathe.

The issue exists across multiple games. After all, a starting nation can make a difference in many strategy games, which isn’t entirely fair to players. Still, if it is used as a stealth difficulty gauge, it can actually be an effective tool and can enhance replayability.

Hidden Bonuses Are Annoying

Some games feature hidden bonuses that players can discover along the way. Often seen as a reward for players who uncover the secrets of the games themselves, they serve as incentives to keep fans exploring the maps and interested in the story.

But some fans of games like Age of Empires IV hate it. “All attack bonuses should be displayed somewhere in-game, like in the tech tree. It’s ridiculous how the game doesn’t fill you in on hidden bonuses,” says Redditor Zircillius. It can make a game a poor strategy game for beginners, which could easily become a problem. Still, incentivizing players to keep playing helps keep the game alive.

Needs More Competition

With so many strategy games taking niches as turn-based tactic games do, it can be difficult to find appropriate competition for games. For some franchises, like Total War, it has led to some degree of stagnation within the genre, as no one really needs to innovate.

“Although it’s generally a great series it has some long-running issues or things that feel stale or sub-par that they’ve arguably gotten away with because there’s no real alternative,” says Reddit user IBlackKitel when discussing Total War. Still, while they may dominate niches, the existence of other strategy games helps to keep the industry competitive enough.

Some Strategy Games Are Overrated

When people think of strategy games, they tend to think of Sid Meier’s Civilization V. After all, the game dominated the landscape for years and is still incredibly beloved today. With fans having to build civilizations of their own, the game allowed for customization and an extraordinary amount of customization.

“I hated and still hate Civ V,” says Reddit user reefj13. “Mods helped a ton but for me the base game is horrible. I’ll admit it’s a good game, but it is not my cup of tea at all.” Yet part of the fun of strategy games is modifying them. Civ V featured many strategies and features for fans to play with, which is why it’s so beloved.

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