10 Gadgets Every ’90s Kid Was Obsessed With

Millennials look back fondly on the toys and gadgets of their youth, with some even buying nostalgic items from the ’90s as a way of enjoying a piece of their childhood again. It’s hard to blame them for it. The ’90s were an awesome time to be a kid.

From the tech boom of the decade to the more simple but still fun gadgets available during this period, the ’90s offered a diverse and intriguing variety of products for kids that seems almost unparalleled even today.


Sky Dancers10 Gadgets Every ’90s Kid Was Obsessed With

A highlight of the ’90s toy scene, Sky Dancers were on many a Christmas list after they were released in 1994. Sky Dancers worked by pulling a string on their base and then the doll would fly into the air, spinning its wings like a propeller. Despite these toys gaining notoriety for being dangerous (the dolls would fly and hit people in the face), the popularity of these whimsical, flying dolls stayed strong with an animated show based on the dolls following in 1996. The quotable drag queen Trixie Mattel has admitted to their love for this ’90s toy that got discontinued in 2000 but was recently brought back by Kmart in 2022.

Super SimonSuper Simon

An advanced version of the ’80s mega hit game Simon, Super Simon had more color panels than its predecessor and varying skill levels. People could play by themselves or with up to three other people.

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To play Super Simon, users needed to reproduce the order of the buttons that had been determined by the device in the round. As the player succeeded, the game would get progressively harder. An addictive game, ’90s kids also inadvertently helped make their memory stronger by playing numerous rounds of this brain game.


Released in 2000, Poo-Chi was a robotic dog that had eyes that would light up red to show emotion. The red eyes make these futuristic looking toys seem creepier than they were. Poo-Chi toys were actually incredibly popular and are still adored and reminisced about by nostalgic 2000s kids. Mini versions were a McDonalds Happy Meal toy at the height of Poo-Chi’s popularity. Poo-Chis could also make noise and came in a variety of colors.

Bop It

Bop It

Bop It could be played for hours on end. This audio game would command players through a speaker on the toy who would then have to press the item of the corresponding command.

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The ultimate road trip game, Bop It could be played alone or be a team effort. The game was also tactically fun as it involved pressing buttons, pulling handles, twisting cranks, spinning wheels, and flicking switches. The game would get harder as the player passed each level.


An unlikely success, the cute creepy combination that is a Furby was all over the place in the ’90s. Similar to the creatures in the ’80s Easter egg-laden movie Gremlins, Furbies were furry and talked in their own Furby language. Further, kids loved Furbies because they interacted with people and things, seeming like they were alive. Kids could even try to teach Furbies how to do things. It has been noted that Furby was the first successful attempt at producing and selling a domestically aimed robot.

Sony PlayStation

Sony Playstation

Despite the stiff competition from another ’90s kid behemoth, the Nintendo 64 console, as well as the Sega Saturn, the PlayStation was incredibly successful. It helped that it had awesome games like the forgotten racing game, Gran Turismo, and the game turned movie franchise, Resident Evil. In addition to the extensive game library and popular franchises to choose from, the PlayStation was sold at a lower price compared to other game systems. To boot, the PlayStation also had exceptional graphics.



Recently referenced in one of the best animated movies of 2022, Turning Red, Tamagotchis were a handful to have, needing to be fed and cared for, not unlike a real pet. As a result, kids could not get enough of these. It was all the fun of having the pet but without having to clean up after an actual one. Kids formed strong connections to their Tamagotchi pet and got addicted to these pixelated creatures. Further, Tamagotchis also taught kids a good lesson about responsibility.

Game Boy Color

Game Boy Color

The Game Boy Color was an improvement on the already lauded Game Boy gaming system. Portable like the original and compatible with a large and high quality game library, the Game Boy Color also had an improved clarity of its display. Even in direct light, a reputed harsh condition, the screen would be clear and also would be free of motion blur. Likewise, the Game Boy Color had an improved technical performance as well.

Nintendo 64Nintendo 64

The Nintendo 64 inspired a buying frenzy among consumers, becoming the premier game console of the ’90s. The games for the Nintendo 64 are often noted as some of the best too, including Super Mario 64 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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Also, the Nintendo 64 was a pioneer in 3D graphics, being one of the first consoles to do so. Kids had a treasure trove of A-plus games to choose from, whether it be of the Super Mario franchise or a shooter game like GoldenEye 007 which was important to the evolution of the first-person shooter.

Sony Discman

Sony Discman

Thanks to portable CD players, listeners could still have their favorite tunes with them on the go but easier than ever before. Sony Discman was one of the favorite brands of portable CD players, perfect for playing TLC, Pearl Jam, or Metallica among other music artists that dominated the ’90s. Music is always impactful for kids and teens, making the Sony Discman an essential to ’90s youngsters. Thanks to its mobility, music could accompany kids everywhere they went, a decade before iPods.

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